Administrative Excellence

Maybe your church is striving to clean up some of your own internal policies, systems or governance structure. We at MCC have been hard at work, aiming for excellence in our administrative life. We’re not perfect, but we have learned some things along the way as we’ve recently restructured our staffing, governance, and membership models. We’ve learned named our core values and working norms, and actually use them! If you think a conversation about how we can learn together would be helpful, please contact to schedule a visit.


The bulk of the archives of the Massachusetts Council of Churches reside at the Congregational Library.  Visit their website for more information.  Our Archive Page has a collection of important publications and statements since the mid-twentieth century.  If you are looking for a particular document that you are unable to find, please contact us!

Ecumenical Prayer Calendar

Join us as we pray for regional church bodies and their leaders over the course of the year.  You can download the latest copy of the Ecumenical Prayer Calendar here.

Guest Preaching

Rev. Laura Everett is available for Sunday worship guest preaching and Rev. Kenneth Young is available for mid-week service guest preaching. We’ve found that guest preaching visits can be a good opportunity to honor a church for a significant milestone, or affirm a ministry. Additionally, ecumenical guest preaching visits can also be occasions for joint worship with neighboring or partner churches.  Contact for questions about availability.


Are you hiring?  Publicize your job description by posting it to our Job Listings Page!  Looking for work?  Find postings from a wide variety of Christian traditions on the Job Listings Page!

Media Relations

In our efforts to make the vibrant Church visible, we need to learn and then amplify the good news of what God is up to in our churches and in the community.  Sometimes we tell stories to the Church and sometimes we tell stories about the Church to the wider public. If you have a story from your church that you think is newsworthy or could use a wider audience, please call us at 617-515-6151. Check out Rev. Laura’s media relations “cheat sheet” and a video of a recent workshop on media relations for pastors by clicking on the links.

Sabbatical and Renewal Resources

Need support in taking time away?  Looking for a new perspective to help you address the particular challenges of your ministry context?  We’ve put together a list of helpful opportunities and sources for renewal and rest.


Rev. Laura Everett offers the following worships for local churches, staff continuing education, colleague groups, and denominational gatherings:

  • Social Media for Public Theologians
  • The Practices of Thriving Christian Communities
  • Intro to Christian Unity and Interfaith Relationships
  • Claiming and Leading with Your Core Values
  • Mending as Spiritual Practice (2019)

Please contact to schedule a visit.