1. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or have proof of United States Work Visa. Applicants must be a resident of Massachusetts and must Pastor/serve a Christian community within Massachusetts at the time of submission of application.
  2. Pastors or Chaplains that have part-time appointments, self-identify as bi-vocational, habitually underemployed, or work multiple jobs out of economic necessity.
  3. All Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, Youth Pastors, stipend Clergy and Part-Time/Per-Diem Chaplains are encouraged to apply (“Pastor” encompasses titles of Reverend, Elder, Priest, Clergy).


Applicants need to provide contact information for two references. Applicants are encouraged to provide references that can speak to their pastoral giftings, calling or experience. Family members should not be listed as a reference.

Items to Upload or Complete within the Application

Applicants are encouraged to submit application within one setting. Applicants are encouraged to upload all documents (Essay, Vocational Essay, Resume, Curriculum Vitae) with application. Documents will be accepted in the DOC and PDF formats.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Please submit your most recent resume or curriculum vitae. It should include at a minimum the following:

  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Awards/fellowships
  • Licenses/certifications/publications
  • Academic presentations
  • Professional affiliations
  • Community and church service
  • Skills/interests

Lydia Fellows Essay 1

Include an essay (3 pages maximum, single-spaced) that:

  1. Situates your theological reflections as a part-time pastor and your contribution to the community you serve;
  2. Shares the triumphs, joys, difficulties and important lessons you have learned as a part-time pastor;
  3. Describes your professional giftings and how they can add to the pastoral community you will join through the Lydia Fellows Program
  4. Gives clarity to your understanding of collegial community and its importance for part-time pastoral ministry and professional development.

Lydia Fellows Essay 2

Include an essay (3 pages maximum, single-spaced) that:

  1. Describes your call to ministry and your continued commitment to pastoral ministry
  2. Speaks to your core vocational commitments and aspirations as a pastor and theological educator
  3. Gives clarity to why you desire to participate in the Lydia Fellows Program at this moment in your pastoral ministry.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

In gratitude for the variety of God’s creation, we intentionally celebrate and make visible the diversity of people, gifts, traditions and perspectives.

Consistent with the Mass Council of Churches’ value of diversity, we aim to gather cohorts in each year that reflect the diversity and life of the church.


Applicants will be notified that their application submission was received.

Applicants will be notified of their selection by December 15, 2019.

All Applicants will be asked to participate in an online or in person interview for further review of candidacy.