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Join us!  Presentation and Community response Saturday, Jaunary 25, 1:00-2:30 PM

Reservoir Church
170 Rindge Avenue Cambridge, MA 02140-2528

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The Massachusetts Council of Churches (MCC) is pleased to announce its new research project “Make It Plain: The Agency and Legacy of People of Color in the Massachusetts Council of Churches.”

At this critical moment, we are aware that the MCC has more than often been a council for *some* of the churches. With a grant from Mass Humanities, made possible by the Mass Cultural Council, we are doing own organizational homework on how race and racism have been a part of our history. We seek to understand how the official history of the MCC may overlook people and communities of color who played an important role in Massachusetts religious life. We also seek to lift up the work of people and communities of color in the MCC’s internal and external efforts.

We welcome Jane Carol Redmont who will lead the project as Scholar in Residence at the MCC for the next six months.  Redmont will examine more than a century of MCC archives from 1902 to the present and will conduct interviews with persons who have and are living memories of the life of the MCC, especially people of color in religious leadership.

“As we commemorate the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, we also conduct this important history project to re-examine our racial and cultural past as an organization. We do this to be truthful about our past and for the sake of our present, in which the racial and cultural configuration of Christian congregations in Massachusetts is changing dramatically, and the future of our lives and communities as Christians in Massachusetts.”

-Rev. Laura Everett, Executive Director

The project began this month and will culminate in a public presentation and forum in January, 2020 and in an online exhibition that will be accessible to a broad public.

Please be in touch with Rev. Meagan if you would like to help with or contribute to this project.