Office Manager and Center Coordinator

South Acton Church, UCC
January 27, 2020
Acton, Massachusetts
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South Acton Church, UCC

Job Description – Office Manager and Center Coordinator


The church “Office Manager and Center Coordinator” position has two essential sets of responsibilities:


  • To be the office manager, and the communication hub, of the church, providing support to the pastor and various committees of the church
  • To organize, expand, and enhance the activities of The Center, a vital mission of the church that brings meaningful and sacred experiences to individuals of any, or no, faith


This position operates under the direction of the Pastor and in interaction with Church Board, and the Center Board.


Office Management – 10 hours/week



  • Obtain information from the pastor and the congregation to organize, edit, type and photocopy the Sunday Bulletin and the accompanying informational insert. Work with the Deacons to secure the weekly liturgist, ushers and greeters.
  • Read emails, screen phone calls from members and various organizations and refer or answer them as needed.
  • Prepare and send the weekly “This Week at South Acton” via Constant Contact.
  • Create and maintain online calendar, combining properties rentals and church events calendars. Add church events to the web site calendar.
  • Note church events on the physical calendar in the church office as well, adding new events as necessary.
  • Send informational letters to the week’s greeters/ushers.
  • Pick up mail and inform people of various items that require action.
  • Check building: windows, locks, thermostats, water, toilets. This should be done at least once a week (more often could be stipulated)
  • Program thermostat to accommodate users and renters of the building.
  • Program locks and provide access control to accommodate users and renters of the building.
  • Update and maintain website in coordination with the pastor.



  • Assemble Markings, the monthly church newsletter. Includes soliciting content and organizing. Email newsletter to congregation.
  • Send out Markings on paper to those without email or who want to have it on paper.
  • Solicit and confirm liturgists for Sunday worship.
  • Take care of social media campaigns and publicity, in partnership with the Pastor.
  • Miscellaneous/Ongoing
  • Assemble church’s annual report
  • Order flowers for Christmas and Easter. Coordinate flower delivery, and ensure that someone is at the church when the delivery is made. (as needed i.e., Special Events, Special Sundays)
  • Liaison with “A Friend in Need,” responding to phone calls and emails asking for help, coordinate with the director of A Friend in Need.
  • Keep the “Book of Records” up to date, which includes Remembrances; Marriages; Baptisms; New Members; Deaths.
  • Send thank you letters as appropriate, signed by head deacon.
  • Maintain the list of current members, process paperwork of membership transfers (in and out)
  • Keep address list of members and former members on the Address database.
  • Print out a phone and address directory twice a year.
  • Keep lists of members and friends, Markings (monthly newsletter) recipients and pin number holders on the email database.
  • Photocopy and send out the Stewardship mailings as needed.
  • Plan and host inspections for fire alarm, lift, kitchen, and public safety.
  • Keep records for properties and inspections. File and maintain records of properties data (heat, phones, etc.)
  • Maintain photocopier (fix paper jams, change toner, schedule service).
  • Give forms to those needing pin numbers, keep forms and signed requests, give out temporary pin numbers (in coordination with the properties committee).
  • Provide statistics for the UCC annual report regarding membership, solicit other statistics from the Collector (re: attendance), Pastor, Treasurer, Sunday School Chair, and Stewardship Chair.


Center Coordination – 4 hours/week

  • Envision new events, workshops, and other uses of the Center; find skilled leaders; create a sustainable pricing model for these events
  • Write grants for sustaining new or continuing activities of the Center
  • Design and teach workshops, classes, etc., as appropriate
  • Create and disseminate advertising/public notices of Center events
  • Publicize events on Center Facebook page; provide input into Center web page when it is created; once Center web page is created, maintain events calendar on web page
  • Oversee and manage all Center space rentals and coordination. Show space, negotiate rental fees (based upon pre-approved parameters), prepare rental forms and signatures; ensure that all rental-related paperwork is completed
  • Create flyers and event advertising
  • Organize meetings with Pastor and Center Board, as needed



As an Employee of South Acton Church, UCC, the Office Manager and Center Coordinator is supervised by and reports directly to the Pastor, with support from the Center Board of Directors and the Congregational Board of South Acton Church, UCC.



Salary and Paid Time Off

The Office Manager and Center Coordinator position is currently capped at 14 hours per week. The OMCC is entitled to 28 hours of paid vacation time, annually.



How to Apply

Please send resumes with cover letter to

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