Associate Director of Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries

Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries, Inc
January 13, 2021
Lexington, Massachusetts
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MBMM is an equal-opportunity employer and practices non-discrimination. MBMM offers a progressive work environment with competitive compensation, a comprehensive employee benefits package – including health insurance, a retirement plan, a paid three-week vacation (one week during Christmas), sick days and support for continuing education.


Full time position working with ethnic pastors and administering a Thriving in Ministry Grant


Who are we? MBMM was started in 2007 with a grant from the Massachusetts Baptist Charitable Society to fund support of ethnic clergy in obtaining standing with the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (TABCOM). The outreach immediately began to bear fruit and many more needs emerged. In 2010 the Boston Baptist Social Union provided a major grant to expand MBMM’s efforts to tend the soil of ethnic and refugee ministries. MBMM’s imperative is “Weaving God’s Love across Cultures.” Our mission is simple, our “ACE”: to Advocate, Celebrate, and Empower the new Americans. MBMM is uniquely focused on two objectives: assisting immigrants and refugees and edifying immigrant pastors. MBMM opens opportunities to create contexts for celebrating diversity and inclusion by the sharing of respective cultures and traditions.  This assists in easing cultural, linguistic, practical, and socio-economic challenges.

Why do we need an Associate Director? This member of the MBMM team will serve as the primary person to execute MBMM’s Thriving in Pastoral Ministry Program (TPMP). The Associate Executive Director should develop and maintain strong relationships with MBMM cultural advocates, immigrant and ethnic churches and donors. The Associate Director will work collaboratively with ethnic pastors in the development and implementation of the TPMP. He or she will communicate regularly with the stakeholders of the TPMP. The Associate Director should be able to articulate the vision, mission, theory of change, statement of need, and overall strategy and direction of the organization in general and specifically in sustaining the Thriving in Pastoral Ministry Program.

The Associate Director reports to the Executive Director in a full-time position based in the MBMM office in Lexington, Massachusetts.


The Associate Director of MBMM will have primary responsibility for the development, implementation and sustainability of the Thriving in Pastoral Ministry Program (TPMP) for Immigrants and Ethnic Pastors and occasional additional tasks as needed.

As Coordinator for the Lilly Grant’s Thriving in Ministry Program the responsibilities will be in the following areas:

Working with the Ethnic Clergy Groups (ECG)

There are seven ethnic clergy groups (African, African American, Asian, Brazilian, Haitian, Latinx and Historically White Churches).

It will be the Associate Director’s responsibility to

·         Build trusting and collegial relationships with these pastors and between these pastors

·         Find ways for them to help share their cultural heritage and identity

·         Oversee the ECG in terms of sending notification of meetings, planning meetings and doing ongoing evaluation

·         Find means to help them share best practices in ministry

·         Lead in planning and implementation of 6 meetings a year with a focus decided upon by the groups at the beginning of the year.  Each meeting will also allow time for peer coaching.

·         Plan two one-day comprehensive trainings each year for the leaders of each ECG and ICG that will cover cultural competence, dialogical guidelines and conversations, group dynamics and Collaborative Coaching.

·         Help organize end of year annual presentation by ECG’s

Working with Intercultural Clergy Groups (ICG)

In the first year there will be two ICG with 10 pastors representing each ethnic group.  The ICG’s will be expanded by one group a year for the following three years.  These groups will meet four times a year.

·         The Associate Director will have the responsibility for organizing and helping the two lead pastors of the ICG to plan 4 annual workshops and additional programs that will help participants overcome theological silos and cultural isolation, and model constructive conversations across differences that show respect and dignity for each person.

·         Help organize and implement an Annual Presentation of the ICG

Training and Formation for ECG and ICG

·         Plan two one-day comprehensive trainings each year for the leaders of each ECG and ICG that will cover cultural competence, dialogical guidelines and conversations, group dynamics and collaborative coaching.

·         Have primary responsibility for overseeing the development and printing of a manual for cultural competence, dialogical guidelines and conversation, group dynamics and collaborative coaching.

  Planning and Coordination of Professional Development for Clergy

·         Plan two one-day professional development opportunities each year (September and May) open to all ECG and ICG members.

·         Make sure these workshops are collaborative and learner-centered, not simply experts lecturing.

·         Use findings of the clergy listening sessions to identify appropriate and most-needed topics.

·         Create a portfolio of experienced and seasoned peer mentors and develop easy accessibility through web portals.

·         Oversee, with the Executive Director’s approval, the awarding of grants from a clergy fund for professional and personal development.  Develop an information sheet for qualifications, amounts available and application requirements.

Developing Programs for Personal Care and Spiritual Development

·         Plan with the Executive Director and leaders of ECG and ICG an annual retreat.

·         Develop programs and resources, teaching and workshops for self-care, stress reduction, spiritual companions, healthy diets, meditation, and prayer.

·         With the Executive Director make decisions about providing short-term financial assistance for personal and spouse counseling.

·         Hire and follow up on payment for any consultants needed.

The Associate Director’s additional administrative responsibilities

·         Develop an online portal for the Thriving in Ministry Program with the administrative assistant and IT consultant and see that it is kept up-to-date with a calendar of events, resources, mentors with professional skills, all programs, etc.

·         Be responsible for working with the Executive Director and an external consultant in the evaluation of the overall program, collecting and analyzing data.  This will include an initial survey at the beginning of the year and a post-group survey at the end of the year. The Associate Director will ensure individual evaluations of program components happen as they occur.

·         Oversight of the budget pertaining to the Thriving in Ministry Program.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS INCLUDE: three years working in a Non-Profit or a faith-based setting; a BA or a college degree and preferably a graduate degree; substantial cross-cultural experience and a history of connection with a community of faith


Additional Skills, Experiences, Competencies sought are:

·         Deep appreciation for the mission, vision, values, and goals of MBMM

·         Openness, willingness to work with multiple theological views

·         Passion and interest in working with religious professionals

·         Strong skills in networking via diverse social-media platforms.

·         Fluency in cultural sensitivity and cultural competency

·         Creativity, critical thinking, consistency of output, and strategic planning of work are required for success

·         Highly-organized, multi-tasker with strong project management and time management skills.

·         Proficiency with Microsoft Office software and Internet applications required

·         Self-motivated with an ability to work collaboratively and in teams

·         Strong professional ethics and sensitivity to confidentiality and accuracy in handling records.

·         Competency working in a non-profit and complex faith-based setting

·         Able to promote a positive working environment, a spirit of cooperation and positive reactions to change and conflict resolution

·         Demonstrate excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, both written and oral across diverse audiences

·         Ability to occasionally work an irregular schedule, evenings, or weekends, as needed, including willingness to work additional hours during peak times, occasional travel, with ample notification.

·          Must live within commuting distance of the MBMM office in Massachusetts

How to Apply

If interested, please send the following to Executive Director Mar Imsong at as soon as possible, no later than March 1, 2021.

1. One 3-4-minute video illustrating these 2 scenarios:

a. Describe your personal strengths and experiences which would contribute to helping immigrants and ethnic pastors thrive in ministry.

b. Our experiences of being mentored by others shape who we become as leaders. In turn, we then grow in our own capacity to mentor others. Tell us a story of a positive experience you have had either as a mentee or describing a person who has contributed significantly to your professional development.

2. Cover Letter

3. Current Resumé